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It is the method by which skin and muscles of face and neck are lifted up surgically to give you a youthful look.

The procedure can be combined with chin, nose etc.

It is done under local anaesthesia with sedation. In case of nose surgery, we may have to put patient to deep sleep or general anaesthesia.

Here the skin is cut in front of the ear and going up to temporal and below to ear lobe and behind the neck. The skin of face and neck is lifted up, muscles tightened and extra skin cut.

An incision is made in chin and double chin treated by liposuction.

Why Face Lift?

As you grow old, skin and muscles sag. The fat gets deposited on neck, chin and folds. The diet, lack of exercises, pollution, anxiety, genes etc contribute to aging process.

After face lift, the aging signs are repaired and skin and muscles placed in original position. The patients undergoing face lift are otherwise healthy individuals.

Anaesthesia risks:

Surgical Risk:

Usually patients are happy with the outcome. Few may need revision surgeries for unpleasant scar, irregular shape, seromas and protruding stitches.

The patient is usually presentable 3 weeks after surgery.


One can start applying make up 1 week after surgery.

There may be mils swelling for 3 weeks and numbness for few months.

It is advisable to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for few weeks after surgery and apply sun sreens on face.

Result: A high number of patients are satisfied with the results.

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